Professional photographer Kirsten McGoey of Trinity Design started 2016 with her first professional photographic series #aboycantoo. Through this series Kirsten is lending a visual voice to boys who break gender norms to pursue their true passions.

“#aboycantoo started as a love story of sorts for my middle son who has
inspired us with a love of rainbows, his constant twirls and whirls evolving into a love of dancing, singing and the stage. As parents we try to provide all our three boys a place to choose the adventure they feel suits their own interests. So alongside LTDP Soccer practices we also attend dance open houses; soccer balls litter the back yard and we host dance parties in the living room. Not long after I decided to pursue my first personal photography project I knew it had to shed light on these amazing boys who in the face of strong societal gender norms are embracing a strong sense of self worth, self confidence and providing inspiration for other #aboycantoo boys all over the world.” ~ Kirsten McGoey

The photographic series #aboycantoo features boys aged 4 to 18 in in studio and lifestyle portraits. Each instalment celebrates the choices to pursue activities society has often attributed to the female gender.

Kirsten is currently booking dates to be photographing her 2018 #aboycantoo boys when time permits during the 2018 season.

She has an exhibition at the Kulturhuset Barbacka in Sweden of the #aboycantoo work Dec 2017-Feb 2018. Her plan is to travel in Canada in 2018 to capture more boys nationwide.

See the link below to contribute to her journey to bring the message to boys all over the world.


Kirsten spoke about #aboycantoo at the Professional Photographers of Canada Ontario Central branch this Feb 27, 2017 on the evolution of a personal project. She is speaking this January at Traflagar Castle Schools art festival “Gender Defined and Redefined”https://www.trafalgarcastle.ca/trafalgar-hosts-visual-arts-festival/ 

To speak to Kirsten for future workshops, speaking engagements and conferences please visit our Appearances page. https://aboycantoo.wordpress.com/appearances/