The Boys – 2017

#1-2017 #aboycantoo

Boys love pink and rock this colour all over the world. Our #aboycantoo boy D added sparkle pink sequin Minnie ears to his Magic Kingdom ensemble.



We are going to break out our boy profiles by year so you can follow along with new additions each year.

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Please join us in meeting the boys (only boys who have parent or guardian permission have their names included):


#1-2017 #aboycantoo

Boys love pink and rock this colour all over the world. Our #aboycantoo boy D added sparkle pink sequin Minnie ears to his Magic Kingdom ensemble.


#2-2017 #aboycantoo

This week we will be introducing you to some new #aboycantoo boys starting with L who loves nail polish, accessories, figure skating, dressing up – his interests are not based on gender norms but rather his own interests. L is a member of the Bowmanville Skating Club and skates in areas such as synchro.

He tells us that on a recent trip to a camp all the boys were rocking nail polish. L is 13 and said all the boys accepted and participated in nail decoration on his trip.

trinity-design-9417-abct-2048#2b-2017 #aboycantoo

Figure skating requires makeup for L – he would prefer to wear it all the time. Why is makeup only for women in this day and age? There have been many periods in time where it was socially acceptable for men to wear makeup.

We believe #aboycantoo wear makeup.


#2c-2017 #aboycantoo

This #Aboycantoo – a figure skater is a strong influencer who is completely at ease with his choices. In chatting with L he shared his love of skating, the fun makeup and costumes they get to wear and the types of skating he participates in.


#3a-2017 #aboycantoo

This #Aboycantoo is an accompished gymnast competing in meets all over Ontario. He competes for the Markham Gymnastics Club in the following events: vault, rings, pommels, floor, high bar, parallel bars.


#4a-2017 #aboycantoo

In their first ever Spa Day our youngest two had the best time getting “Little Prince” manis and pedicures. The exfoliating rub is a little ticklish for this #aboycantoo. Their colour choices were “epic” with R picking a range of green, red and pink with sparkles; D went one different shade of pink and purple on each of his fingers and toes, naturally.



#5a-2017 #aboycantoo

When I met our latest #aboycantoo and discovered he played the cello we were delighted to have him in to capture the experience for the 2017 campaign.

E had been taking lessons for two years after being inspired to play cello by YouTube sensation The Piano Guys. His inspiration is Steven Sharp Nelson – cellist/songwriter within the group. While in the studio he showed me all his favourite YouTube videos – “I’ve seen this one 1,000 times Kris.”

#5b-2017 #aboycantoo

A little bit of behind the scenes action today for our cellist!


#5c-2017 #aboycantoo

The cello comes with a bow that has a hair you cannot get dirty, it can also be picked and plucked like a guitar. I have always loved the shape of this instrument and it was love at first sight for this #aboycantoo when he first saw The Piano Guys on You Tube.

This cellist was so inspiring to talk to, he even played a little bit for me in the studio. I cannot wait to see where he takes this instrument on his journey to adulthood.