The Boys – 2018

2018-001- The Ballet Dancer | ABCT.


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2018-002- The Contemporary Dancer | ABCT.


Meet Johnny who is a dancer with the Durham School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance who was in this morning for his photo session with us. You may remember his amazing video on International Men’s Day about boy and girl things.

Johnny loves soccer and dance – he is doing ballet, jazz, acro and contemporary with his studio at the competitive level. He also loves math and science – he is currently attending the gifted program this year.

Hair Credit: KingCuts Barbershop

2018-002b- The Contemporary Dancer | ABCT.


With the Durham School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance Johnny does ballet. I love grabbing a shot of them as they sit and talk about their studio, classes and competitions. I was never a dancer growing up so I learn so much.

Hair Credit: KingCuts Barbershop