The Boys – 2016

We have been working so hard on the project on Facebook we realized we need to add our boy “influencer” profiles to the website. Some boys do different things so we give them a separate influencer number for this – in total we have captured 17 individual boys who are showing us #aboycantoo in 15 different influencer profiles (the OCVI boys are one profile).

Editors/Writers: Please note that while we have signed copyright to show all the boys images we ask you only use those supplied via DropBox for your articles. This ensures all media rights are covered and the quality of the images is not degraded by compression.

Please join us in meeting the boys (only boys who have parent or guardian permission have their names included):


#1 #aboycantoo
Boys love to do their hair, too! Our little boy loves to do his hair with all sorts of hair accessories. This is a hairdo done according to his instructions by his mom, me.


#2 #aboycantoo

The upswing in boys taking dance classes is evident by the increasing numbers of parents supporting this amazing way for boys to express their creativity. Tap is taking our house by storm and as you can see the backdrop shows the moves clearly!

Our dance studio of choice: Jennifer’s Arts in Motion Dance School


#3 -001 #aboycantoo

The incredible feats of figure skating would never be complete without the fleet feet of a boy. Our third boy in our series has been skating for several years – his skates are cutting a mean path on the ice out in south/west Ontario

Our third boy is tackling some cool moves this year including – Single Salchow, Single Toe Loop, Waltz Jump plus Single Toe Loop Combination, Single Loop, Single Flip, Two spins, a Forward Spiral Sequence and a Forward Turn Sequence.


#4- #aboycantoo

We love boys who dance and right now two of our boys adore the studio. We are blessed as they get to move with music and exercise in a way that is so much fun for them. Expect a lot of our #aboycantoo stories to show you inside the world of dancing through the eyes of a mom who never thought she would, with three boys, become a “Dance Mom”.



#5 – 001 – #aboycantoo

As a proper “Dance Mom” I am learning the lingo and tap was a new one for me. Watching my son learn to “shuffle”, “brush” and “strike” has opened my eyes to a form of dance that lights his imagination.

From the minute he walked it was a twirl, a skip and whirl. He can revolve on his feet without getting even a little dizzy. He was born to dance and take flight – when he puts his mind to it with a piece of music and good choreography he lifts off – literally. It’s a blessing to call myself his mom and watch him grow.


#6-001 – #aboycantoo

A firm fixture at Oshawa Little Theatre (Youth Group Education Program) this young man has had roles in several productions from Oliver to Alice in Wonderland. He is currently in one of the lead roles for the upcoming production of Guys and Dolls this spring at OLT.

He tells me that being on stage gives him a rush unlike real life and he loves that he found a place where his unique talents shine.

costume: Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland


#7-001 – #aboycantoo

With a smile that would melt the chocolate chips in the cookies he bakes this #aboycanbtoo is a huge baker. He loves to make all kinds of treats for himself and his family.

Trinity-Design (154)-BTS-2048

Behind the scenes with momma, our boys and fellow photographer Julie Rock in Milton.

Trinity-Design (155)R-ABCT-2048Trinity-Design (165) ABCT-2048

#8-001 – #aboycantoo

The beauty of being in JK is surely the Imagination Station and all the dress up one by can handle. Shown here our #aboycantoo model rocks jeans, a batman mask, a super hero cape and matching tutu – with awesome costume beads. Mom, a Milton based photographer helped with the toss of the cape which flies behind our #aboycantoo super hero extraordinaire.

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Cape and Mask – Little Heroes
T-shirt – Imagine (getting vendor)
Jewels – Value Village
Tutu – from our model’s JK classroom

Trinity Design (33)-ABCT-2048Trinity Design (50) ABCT-2048Trinity Design (63) ABCT-2048Trinity-Design-(43)-ABCT-2048

#9-001 #aboycantoo

This #aboycantoo loves dolls and in a world quickly telling him at a mere 3.5 years of age that this is not OK it is a delight to capture the experience of this love. He is carrying a doll here in a baby wrap and his emotions are unmistakable, I am a fan for life.

Trinity Design-122-ABCT-BandD-1000Trinity-Design-98-ABCT-Brenden-Alone-10x15

#10-001 #aboycantoo

This talented dancer dances ballet, contemporary and tap (and more) at Jennifer’s Arts in Motion Dance School and has been a huge source of inspiration for my son and myself. In his teens he has really embraced dance (and also plays hockey) and caught the eye of everyone who has had the pleasure of watching him communicate through this art form. He proves #aboycantoo dance.

When a young boy can see the path ahead of them the way is clearer. I wanted to show this in a simple moment where the teen becomes the teacher of our youth dancer. Proof positive that #aboycantoo choose to be inspired or be the one inspiring others.



We got a little LOVE from Chris Colfer for this image. H/T Chris Colfer Twitter.

#11-001 #aboycantoo

Since learning to read this #aboycantoo has read well over 500 books and currently reads at a teenage level. His literary appetite includes a lot of fiction with characters who dream, are brave and there always seems to be a lot of dragons involved.

He is crushing the stereotype that boys do not want to read one page and book at a time. One of his career aspirations is to be a librarian – that or a math teacher – but at eight the world is full of possibilities so why limit him?


#12-001 #aboycantoo

When you meet Cian the first thing you see is how much he loves stories. Some of his favourites include Cinderella, Snow White and any adventure Iron Man or Paw Patrol goes on.

He loves to wear dresses, cuts his hair short like Dad and when he smiles he giggles and says “stinky cheese”. In the photo shared he only would respond in his character’s name – Cinderella – Mom played the part of the clock and Dad was the Prince. When the clock chimed he ditched his slipper and ran.

Our #aboycantoo captured my heart and I cannot wait to share more about this special little boy.


#13-001 #aboycantoo

This is “L” and he is our latest #aboycantoo – rocking some amazing hair and all the spunk of a threenager to boot.

Long hair can be tough so sometimes they gather it in a french braid to keep it out of the way. He is after all an active three year old with a love of cars and trucks, spinning in circles and playing peek-a-boo!


#14-001 #aboycantoo

The spotlight transforms this #aboycantoo who is more comfortable reading than chasing a soccer ball, or dancing than making a basket. I had to share this end of performance move from our stage loving boy who simply lights up when the lights go down and the spotlights turn on. Oliver! tonight was amazing – far beyond my expectations and showcasing lots of #aboycantoo boys keeping up the traditions of school theatre.


Love this hold in the Maise Ryan choreographed piece for the OCVI Creations showcase 2016.


Capturing the experience for the #aboycantoo project.

#15-001 #aboycantoo

The boys at OCVI are full on #aboycantoo boys who welcomed me with open arms today. The group shown is all in varying grades all at the high school age level. Each boy travelling a slightly different path and finding room for creative expression in their school day.

Each boy took time to show me different moves, the collectively did a spectacular dance from their showcase for me. The dancing, the ability were all impressive; but what shone for me was their awareness of how special their path is. The impact they have on other boys walking the same path.

I left inspired and motivated to spend more time documenting these amazing boys. Truly a #aboycantoo dance, act and sing. In Oshawa you can do it at the performing arts program at O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute.

More Profiles to follow, if you have an #aboycantoo in your midst and want them photographed please contact Kirsten McGoey @